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6 things to Help you Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

There are some key things you need to know when choosing or looking for an engagement ring. Here are my 6 tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring, I also added 6 ways not to choose an engagement ring too.  

Things to do: 

  1. Be confident & bold in your choice of ring design. 
  2. Do your homework, choose a ring that reflects her personality, style, and your love (of course!). 
  1. Research any recommendations you’re given, and also get advice from a professional (jewellers).
  1. Set a budget & stick to it. 
  1. Shop around, compare prices and don’t rush an expensive purchase needs researching and time. 
  1. Think about the metal for the ring band, such as white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. 


  1. Being afraid to break traditional engagement ring norms. 
  2. Don’t compromise on quality to save money, (But remember point No.4 above). 
  3. Don’t rush to making a decision on a purchase.
  1. Don’t follow trends just because they’re popular. 
  1. Don’t neglect to consider the recipient’s preferences & style. 
  1. Don’t forget to think about the future, after an engagement comes a wedding. 

Tip: Why not consider personalising the ring with engravings or a special message. 

Here an image of my engagement ring inspired by my fiance & designed/made by Taylor & Hart

Other factors to consider when buying an engagement ring are the four C’s, these will help you in choosing the perfect engagement ring.  


This is about the clarity of the stone and its grading; you want it to shine bright like a diamond – clarity is important. Grading scale begins with Flawless, Internally Flawless The scale ranges from flawless to heavily included: 

  • F (flawless inside and out) 
  • IF (internally flawless, which means there are blemishes on the surface but not inside the diamond) 
  • VVS1 and VVS2 (very, very slightly included – two levels) 
  • VS1 and VS2 (very slightly included – two levels) 
  • SI1 and SI2 (slightly included – two levels) 
  • I1, I2 and I3 (included – three levels) 


Is sometimes confused with size, diamond cut I think, is the single most important of the 4Cs when it comes to the physical beauty of a diamond. Why? Because a diamond’s cut determines how much it sparkles. A well-cut diamond can make a stone of lower quality appear more brilliant than a poorly cut diamond of higher quality.


The colour of a diamond is graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown), with colourless diamonds being the most valuable.


Rather than a measurement of the diamond’s width, length, or scale, carats measure how much a diamond weighs. A carat is a unit of measurement used to weigh diamonds, with one carat equaling 0.2 grams.

Everyone has their favourite combination of the 4 Cs – colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight — cut & clarity has the greatest influence over a round diamond’s brilliance, determining the shine shine 

When you buy a genuine diamond, you should receive a GIA or AGS certificate to show authenticity. The average women’s ring size is L½ and the average men’s ring size is Q, but please do not guess the ring size, as that can be an expensive mistake. 

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?  

One method of determining how much you should spend on an engagement ring is to spend the equivalent of one to three months’ salary/wages on an engagement ring. You can work it out but on average that maybe; £1900 – £4800 upwards (it depends on your salary and how deep your pockets are). 

The main deciding factor should be a combination of things, what you feel she would like (as she will wear it the rest of her!), her personal style, ring quality and what you can afford. Remember an engagement ring is an extension of your love and proposed commitment, so make sure it is symbolic of that.’s has an Engagement Ring Cost Calculator! It’s a useful tools to help you find out how much you could spend on an engagement ring.

Images of the couple featured by Bandele Zuberi


Pamela & Tony’s Wedding at Froyle Park, Alton

This is a Wedding blog all about Pam & Tony’s beautiful wedding day at the stunning Froyle Park wedding venue, which they used our support and on the day coordination package.


Fari & Max Wedding: Elmhay Park, Somerset

In March 2020, I remember receiving a Save the date for an engagement party from Maxi’s mum Rupo now known as aunty Rupo. I hadn’t heard from her since her daughter’s wedding which we did in 2017. She told me her son was getting married and she’s recommended us to them and, I smiled. That was the beginning of this long but beautiful journey, as we had started planning and the panoramic hit.

Fari was the definition of a DIY bride, there were just some things she was set out to do herself, to make the wedding more personal. Take a look at their beautiful Wedding day.

Wedding Coordinator: Mati Gono Events

Photography: Dudu Weddings

Décor: Event Décor hire

Videography: A3 media

MC: Mr Tandoh

Production: Platinum Ace Events

Saxophonist: Saxxy Moji

Catering: The Cooking Pot

Venue: Elmhay Park

Wedding car: j2luxurytransport

Cake: Bath Baby Cakes

DJ: DJ Chidzy


5 Memorable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Love in Lockdown

Valentine's Day this year will be a little different but that doesn't mean that we can't make this the best Valentine's Day to come.
We are still on our journey to keeping love alive and with Valentine's Day fast approaching, let's make this one the most romantic over the top day ever!
After all, appreciating our loved ones and celebrating love has never been more important.

Make things extra special...

Whilst the traditional chocolates and flowers still remain at the top of our list, nothing is more romantic or says "I love you" like a sentimental personalised gift.

  • Time is of the essence Lock it down and mark your favorite most meaningful dates together forever with this engraved keychain. This is such a great idea, especially for those who tend to forget important dates.
keychain love
  • Keep it fun and quiz it up with a creative personal picture puzzle of you both.
love puzzle
  • Distress signal but make it romantic without the distress using this moon picture lamp.
moon lamp
  • Set in stone list all of the many reason why you love them with this wooden postcard.
  • An everlasting love reminder a daily reminder of your love with these infinity roses. 
love sunset

We hope you've found some great ideas and as always let’s keep the love alive and make the most of this love lockdown!


New Year! New “US”:

Now more than ever our health is at the top of the list of things to maintain, it’s no longer just a new year resolution. Feeling good and looking good are important so whether it’s going for long walks, preparing healthy date night meals, or doing home workouts together having a fitness buddy is a bonus.

Here are some tips from Lydia and her husband, personal trainer John on how you can make traditional workouts into fun interactive activities for you and your partner.

Here are 3 top tips on how to make fitness fun with your partner

by personal trainer John

Motivate & Encourage each other to reach your fitness goals. This can include but not limited to:
Losing weight
Having a balanced diet
Gaining lean muscle mass 
Improving overall health and mental well being
Being your partners’ motivator and a source of encouragement is key.

Keep it fun. Incorporate fun workouts you can do together and enjoy the process to being that healthy couple.

Stay consistent and work hard. With consistency and hard-work you will achieve your fitness goals as a couple.

Remember to always have fun and enjoy it, there is nothing like creating fun memories with your partner so let loose!

Photographer: Enitan Photographer

Couple & Blog written by: The Soneyes

Engagement shot concept by: Mati Gono Events


Brenda & Tinashe’s: Wedding in Ireland – Killashee House Hotel, Naas

I remember getting an email from Tinashe (The Groom) and I already knew this was a serious inquiry. We communicated via email for the most part of the planning and I was so excited to plan another Zimbabwean wedding being a Zim girl myself.

The first time I met Brenda & Tinashe was when we flew out to Ireland for our first site visit together. I'd never been to Ireland and personally love planning destination weddings as I'm always excited when I get the chance to take on a new destination.

This time I got to conquer Dublin! we traveled across the Irish Sea to Dublin and was welcomed with the most beautiful picturesque venue, The Killashee Hotel.



The beauty didn't stop there!

On the day of the wedding in true Zimbabwean wedding style, it was grand and heavily family orientated from the amazing dance moves to the wonderful food and of course the speeches.

You could instantly feel the love and joy shared between both Brenda and Tinashe it was truly beautiful to witness.

Brenda opted for an elegant ballroom style wedding dress whilst Tinashe kept it classic in his white tuxedo. Take a look at their truly spectacular day.


To all of the amazing suppliers that helped make Tinahse & Brenda's wedding a truly memorable day, Thank you.

Wedding Planning: Mati Gono Events
Brides hair: Avos hair
Cake: Belle Sweet Creations
Videography: A3 Media
DJ: DJ KJ Glider
MC: TimSoxx
Saxophonist: Solosax007
Photography: Quadosh Photography
Decorations: Bidex Gold Decorations
Production: Sound Works


3 Great UK Staycation Locations

It's been a crazy 7 months of the year and who would've thought in 2020 there'd be a lock-down, restrictions on weddings and travel bans. So in the spirit of keeping love alive and adjusting to the new normal, I thought I'd share 3 great Staycation or Holiday locations with the UK.

couples sunset

During this time one thing has remained true and that is the importance of keeping love alive. In our homes, friendship and relationship. Planning anything has been hard and full of uncertainty, now that the lockdown has been lifted do you have any travel plans?

Travelling aboard may not be a sure thing for this summer but if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway or a mini-moon, now is the perfect time to start planning and lucky for you, I've narrowed it down to my top 3 staycation destinations!

So leave your passports at home and make a roadtrip to these romantic staycation destinations:

For those looking for an all around 5 star experience Lymstone Manor is the place to be! This wonderland is location in the heart of Devon with 21 individually designed rooms to choose from . A blend of historic and contemporary decor with luxury bedding that make it difficult to get out of bed. This Dog friendly luxury country house provides a once in a life time private dinning experience by Michelin star Michael Caines MBE. This is differently one for the bucket list!

edit couple vineyard

Guests are welcomed with a beautiful rich landscape and private gardens, It goes without saying that the scenery is truly captivating !

So what are you waiting for ? Find out more

Did someone say luxury and affordable ? Two of my favourite things in 1. This boutique hotel is situated in Bath, a redeveloped Edwardian property filled with luxury 5 star facilities. With new contemporary and historic decor paired with 4 suites options to choose from, filled with King size bedding, a smart TV with Netflix for your netflix and chill moments 🙂 and all white & grey marble decor en suite bathrooms.


A 5 star dinning experience available right inside the hotel and a 10 minutes drive from Bath's City Center home to some of the popular restaurants food chains such as The Ivy Bath, its definitely worth a visit !

Great for those on the hunt for something affordable find out more on
lake shore fishing boat

The stunning Little Horeshore Lake offers the most intimate and private locations out of our three staycation destinations series. With 4 exclusive and private lodges, options include 3 one bedroom lodges and 1 two bedroom lodge located at the heart of Costwold. This is a perfect get away for those who want to be at one with nature and a great way for those who want to explore fishing. These wide space open window lodges offer Smart TV, Nespresso machine, full kitchen facilities and free parking.

A wedding in the water, for Erika and Mark Beehler a couple of summers ago.Handout/Red Andal Photo/Cornwall Standard-Freeholder/Postmedia Network
couple sunset 1

If a peaceful scenic Lake side hub sounds interesting to you click here, Find out more

Looking for some guidance for future planning events ?

Get in touch to find out more of our planning services available to you today!



Clara & Demola

This is a lovely wedding of one of our couples at the beautiful Braxted Park. Nigerian Groom & Swedish bride, UK wedding.


Kemi & Omar’s White Wedding

This blog is one with a difference it has been written by our bride & groom. Read on to find out more about Kemi & Omar’s big Nigerian/Dominican white wedding, which took place at London’s Syon Park -The walled garden. Kemi & Omar describe the moments they will never forget as they share with us their experience & top tips to help couples with the planning process.

How would you describe your wedding day?

Kemi: From when I woke up in the morning during my bridal prep, it started Calm so I knew that’s how my day would continue! Everything went according to plan. It was just the right number of people, it wasn’t overcrowded! The focus was on Omar and me. Even though it wasn’t perfect (nothing ever is) it was perfect for me! We look back at our wedding album and video and smile each time. There really wasn’t anything to complain about! It was a day filled with Love, family, and friends.

Omar: This for me was very simple! Our day was a very colorful, classy, and extremely fun day all in one! A groove! 

What was the most useful piece of advice/guidance you were given by us?

Kemi: For me, it was to enjoy my day because it’s the only wedding day I’m going to get! Not everything will go as planned but don’t let that affect your day! I’m so happy I listened to you. Obviously, after planning a wedding for a year and a half, it becomes your life in a way. Because I was so involved in every aspect It was my baby, so I was bound to spot mistakes or things that were out of place on the day. The advice just made me push all that to the side and focus on Omar and I enjoying our wedding day.

Omar: When Mati told me to pause and fully take in the moment when I got to the reception. Couples tend to forget the day even though they were present. That was great advice that I’m grateful for.

Favorite moment from your Wedding Day?

Omar: Seeing Kemi walk down the aisle. You could feel the electricity in the room! After that everything else that followed was just perfect. 

Favorite moment from your Wedding Day?

Kemi: My favorite moment of my wedding was my first dance! After such a busy day from the Bridal Prep in the morning, a full day of taking pictures to the Afterparty till 1 am, we finally had a moment just to ourselves! I rewatch that video like every week, we were really in the moment, on cloud nine for real! Omar: Seeing Kemi walk down the aisle. You could feel the electricity in the room! After that everything else that followed was just perfect. 

Why did you choose us “Mati Gono Events” to plan your big day?

Kemi: There are two parts to this! What made me consider you and what determines my final decision! 

The main thing that drew me to choosing you was “The Aesthetic”. I’m a sucker for anything that’s presented well and Mati Gono events looked very professional and well put together. I know you can’t just go off Instagram for a good wedding planner so I did more research! My final decision was based on your industry experience in wedding planning and word of mouth! And as for Omar…As long as I was happy, he was too! 

Would you recommend the Mati Gono Events?

We would 100%. Even though sticking to the budget was a task in the planning process, the main reason We would choose Mati Gono events over and over again is the smooth execution of the day. My God, you guys can coordinate!!! My mum won’t stop screaming about Mati! You and your team exude experience, professionalism, and efficiency. You really made our day go without any hiccups. You made sure that even our parents were taken care of.

Three Top Tips for any couple getting married, by Kemi & Omar

-Enjoy your day as best as you can, you only get one day! Don’t focus on things you cannot control.

-Plan a wedding according to your budget and stick to it!! The wedding of my dreams didn’t match my budget, so we went over ours by a mile our budget wasn’t realistic.

-Pick a planner you feel free enough to talk to! There is nothing worse than not being able to communicate efficiently with the person that has the fate of your wedding in their hands. We had our tasks, Omar communicated with Mati about Budgets and money because I’m not good at that! And I dealt with everything else as it was easier for me to speak to her on those things. 

Were you happy with our vendor selected for your wedding day?

Kemi & Omar: We were very happy! From my hair to my Makeup ( That make upppppp) to the amazing photography and videography. The suit!! My dress!! Our delicious cake! The decor was so light and airy! And the stationary, yes I was my own vendor. The execution of the whole day too topped it off, thanks to Mati and her team ♥️ 

Wedding Planning, coordination & event design: Mati Gono Events

Wedding Stationery: KS Designs

Brides makeup: Remsco Creations

Brides Hair: Rachel Arike-Hair

Brides wedding dress: AloNuko

Grooms suit: Anthony Collection

Vidographer: SamOnFilm

Productions: PureSound Event hire

Photographer: Enitan Photography

Wedding MC: Simply Andy

DJ Sean

Cake: Tee’s Bakery

Bridesmaids dresses: Fablanebyderin

Decor: Designer chair covers to go

Venue: The Walled Garden at Syon Park

Live Band Mista Ologo

A special thank you to all the amazing suppliers that made Kemi & Omar’s Big day truly special.



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