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Lydia & John #TheSoneyes

Three words I would use to describe John & Lydia’s wedding day and the planning process “Pure love & Enjoyment”.  That’s right I have used enjoyment for the first time ever in a blog post! The Soneye’s, honestly I wasn’t too sure where to start with the blog but I guess the beginning is good enough. I met Lydia in 2013, I was planning her big sister (Yvonne’s) wedding (19.10.2013) and Lydia was a bridesmaid. 

5 years later my phone rings and it’s Lydia (I still had her number saved in my phone), Yvonne had dropped me a message to say Lydia would call. Lydia was excited and told me the good news she’s engaged and wants to get married in 2020. After a few wedding meetings, that soon changed and they wanted to get married in November 2019. See for yourself the pure love & enjoyment I referred to at the beginning of this blog, also hear directly from our bride why it’s a good idea to reply to Facebook DM’s and how our groom John proposed.

How we met…

In true millennial style, John and I actually met over Facebook. I was struggling to complete my A-Level History homework, looking for any distraction and little did I know that John was planning to captivate my whole evening.  I had a notification come through about a new message in my Facebook inbox and John had simply wrote “you’re blessed”.

I was so confused at this approach, definitely a new technique but I responded “who’s this” and cut a long story short, 8 years down the line and we haven’t gone a day without speaking to each other.

I may have got a D in that coursework (thanks to John) but I gained a soulmate and lifelong best friend.

Ladies – respond to your DMs, there’s a treasure among the madness.

How John proposed…

We were off to Marrakech for my birthday for a few days and I had a full itinerary of things to do. John usually lets me organise things but he assured me that he had arranged our plans for Sunday which was strange but I thought it was a birthday activity.

I woke up on Sunday and noticed John was nowhere to be seen and going into the bathroom I saw a note – I had no idea that this was the start of the journey into a new chapter of our relationship.

There were 6 notes at different points of that day that led us up to the big question.

Morning Note 1: John told me to get ready and have breakfast as he had booked me in for a traditional hammam massage.

Note 2:  As I was leaving the spa, the receptionist gave me another note that asked me to meet John in our room. The room was beautifully decorated with cake for my birthday

*Afternoon* Note 3: This note interrupted my nap as hotel staff knocked on my door to deliver another note and champagne which asked me to be ready for 7 pm.

*Evening* Note 4: Now John had been disappearing throughout the day but in preparation for note 4, he told me he was off to pay the spa. I thought this was strange but I left it and soon after he left, there was a knock on the door from another member of staff at the hotel with a note saying I should meet my “Prince Charming” outside

Note 5: In the ride to the restaurant I was convinced that there would be one final note as 4 was a random number to leave things. John remained poker-faced. We got to this romantic restaurant and whilst John was very strangely not eating, it didn’t stop him from hinting that the proposal would likely come next year (now 2019). I believed him and had no feeling at all that a proposal was coming. When John gave me what I thought would be the last note, it simply said “I love you forever” and I was relieved that there would be no more surprises.

Note 6: I was wrong. John excused himself to go to the bathroom and soon after the restaurant manager came to me with the 6th note. I was confused. The note told me that John had one final surprise and I should come and meet him upstairs. I walked hesitantly up a candlelit staircase and the rest is a tear-filled blur.

After 8 long years, John asked me to be his wife and my heart was, is and always will be full.

To all the amazing vendors that made Lydia & John’s wedding and unforgettable experience, we thank you & acknowledge you.

Wedding Planner: Mati Gono Events

Videography: Sam on films 

Photography: Enitan photography

Decor: Luxe Event Decor 

Hair: Herdefinition

Makeup: Queen Hadassah

DJ: Sean

Dance floor: Platinum Ace & production

MC: Don’t Jealous Me

Cake: Rohima cakes

Desert table: Isha Wedding Cakes

Wedding Dress: Yinka Alli

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Second outfit Stylist: The wardrobe manager

Fabric: @glitzallurefabrics

Outfit: @marveeofficial

Shoes: Steve Madden

Grooms Suit: Made western bespoke

Photobooth: Blithe photo booth

Cocktails: Stirrers and Shakers

Security: Close protection security  

Catering: Nimz Kitchen 


The Luxe Wedding Workshop Is Back!

​I’m so excited about this years Luxe wedding workshop 2017 on Saturday 4th November – So come and gain more insight on the weddings & events industry as we share best practice and empower you to go to the next level with your passion and business.

Mati Gono photo by SanShine Photography

Mati Gono photo by SanShine Photography

I put together the Luxe wedding workshop last year as a way to impart some knowledge & understanding into the lovely ladies who attend the workshop. I am always getting asked about how I started my business and the steps I took to get to where I am and I was able to share that and a whole lot more. We had some amazing speakers from wedding & events planner Steven Pellier, Rupa from Rupa photography and wedding blogger Nova Reid from Nu bride.

The day was a mix of learning, empowering and sharing. We had a lovely lunch setting (Flowers by the talented Amie Bone flowers) and an interactive session all about social media and photo taking. We finished the day with a networking evening which was attended by a range of industry professionals.
The workshop was such a pleasure for me to host and it did a few things for me. I’d finally stepped out and gone something that had been on my heart for a long time.


This year we have a range of topics as well as practical tips and tools from real weddings and Events. So come ready to listen and gain a better understanding of the industry and network with those in it.
Subjects covered include:
The essential skills for being a wedding planner
The Business of wedding Planner (My favourite)
Design and Styling weddings for the modern bride
How to grow your business & attract clients via social media
*A bonus day of work experience is also included
Register via Eventbrite or for more information email: with your name & number or call: 0203 637 2515


Photos Taken by:
San Shine Photography
​Rupe Photography

“The expert in anything was once a beginner”

I love a good quote! the title quote is by Helen Hayes. ​I made a commitment to myself to become a life long learner when I started my business. The reason for this was I quickly realised that there was so much I didn’t know about the industry I had fallen in love with. When I started my wedding planner journey there was no handbook or guidance as to how to start, when to start or even the common pit falls to look out for. Over time I have realised that the fruits of a growing industry are reflected in the number of professionals working in it at a high standard and the level of expertise that the industry displays. We have put together the Luxe wedding workshop to aid the need of this growing industry and to share the knowledge we have acquired along the way.  At Just As Planned is important to us that we set standards that others can be measurement by and in turn pay forward the opportunity to those that wish to explore their place in the growing wedding & events industry.

29th of September, Luxe Wedding workshop – Just As Planned
​The Luxe wedding workshop is all about what you didn’t know about wedding planning and the levels of access to becoming a seasoned professional. So whether your just starting your journey or you have been in the industry for a while our workshop will provide insight and knowledge that will assist you in taking your dream/passion to the next level.

Investing time and resources into your passion can prove to be priceless depending on what you do with the knowledge you have acquired.  So why not join us at the Luxe wedding workshop – register by clicking this link. “Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent” – Wendy Flynn.