I find it interesting when people are shocked that am a full time events planner and the bulk of our clients are couples getting married. People often wonder what there is to do and why you would pay someone to do it. Well would you pay someone to teach you how to drive? Or build your house? Or even how to do the tango? Especially if it’s your first time.

So what is a wedding planner? I would say the wedding planner is an adviser, a creative and planning compass and hopefully an expert on all matters that concerning planning a wedding day.
What does that mean? They know all the right vendors for the style of wedding you want to have? They know how much your vendors may cost and the right ones for you to use within your budget. It means they know and understand current wedding trends and they set them where possible. They have an idea of your expectations and do their best to meet and manager them. They don’t promise on anything they cannot deliver on and they will advise you according to their expert knowledge.
Weddings are such a joyous celebration of two peoples love for one another and family and friends naturally want to assist, advise and contribute.
I always love seeing family and friends pull together to ensure that the bride & groom are well advised with matters concerning the wedding day. However when the Average spend on a UK wedding is upwards of £21,000 (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business) as researched by BBC’s figures from 2014. Then maybe, just maybe you should consider hiring one.


Some would define a wedding planner as a professional who assist with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding. I love that!
Wedding planner are professionals too, who work in the service industry, offering different things but essentially providing you with what you require for all your wedding needs.Wedding planners wear many different HATS:
Chief organiser
Budget manager
Creative director
Vendor finder
Expectations manager
Time keeper
Budget manager
On the day coordinator
Problem solving
Quality Queen

So why wouldn’t you pay a professional when your going to be spending so much money on the day itself? It would be best to get the right assistance for your wedding day from a professional to make sure your day goes Just As Planned. There are many professionals out there and we always suggest doing your homework and interviewing the right planner for you, for your special day.


Photo credits to Adebayo Deru
Blogger post by Mati Gono
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