There’s nothing like looking for your wedding venue…we find clients really struggle at this point as there are so many factors to take into consideration especially if you have your heart set on using a lovely hotel venue. We find most of our Nigerian & Asian clients struggle with things like space and the other big factor having their own cater. We assist lots of couples in finding their ideal venue so for us it’s a piece of cake.

Things you should look out for

One of the downsides to using a hotel for the wedding reception is you might not be allowed to be very elaborate with the décor. The hotel could have a strict policy on this fro example no naked flames, meaning no candlelight.
The hotel you choose might not have a big enough room to fit all your guests forcing you to split them between two rooms. Ideally you would like for all your guests to be in the same room and not have some feel like unwanted stepchildren.

Most (if not all) hotels charge a Corkage fee. Corkage is a fee charged at a venue for serving wine or liquor brought from outside. See if there is room for negotiation.
Ask if you are allowed to bring your own caterers. A lot of hotels do not allow outside catering due to health and safety, hygiene etc. but they may have a list of approved caters (and hopeful one caters for your taste) or they may charge a little extra for someone not on their list. If you do not have a wedding planner/coordinator speaking on your behalf this can sometimes be tricky if you don’t ask all the right questions upfront. Like any other type of venue hotels get booked quickly, so find your wedding date make an informed decision and as soon as your sure book that venue to avoid disappointment.

Finally, a hotel is not exclusive to you. Guests will be lodging at the hotel and there is the possibility that another wedding or function might be going on.

Things you should know

If you plan on having guests travelling from far distances, having a reception at a hotel can be convenient for your guests and put you at ease.

Another advantage of a hotel reception is a lot of features are usually already included from crystal chandeliers to fancy silverware. The tables and chairs are also provided and if you ask nicely they might just throw in the table linen and some other bits they own!
With all these extra features provided there is little left to do but add personal features to make it your own.
Hotels can provide special treats for your big day from a substantial discount on the overall cost of the venue to a free nights stay for the bride & groom in the honeymoon suite! These benefits vary from hotel to hotel so the key is to ask. Hotels staff are usually great as they have plenty of experience dealing with weddings and events. Hotels are usually well looked after so be sure to ask if they have any planned works and if the carpet will be cleaned before your big day, which it usually is.

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